Tips for Chinese Intended Parents Using a Surrogate in California

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times ran a front-page story about the increase in surrogacy tourism from would-be parents in China.  Due to rising affluence in China and the growing business of surrogacy in Los Angeles, there has been a steady demand for international intended parents coming here in search of a surrogate.

Many Chinese couples call our office seeking referrals for surrogacy agencies, egg donation agencies, fertility clinics, reproductive endocrinologists and mental health care professionals.  Below we’ve compiled a list of important things for Chinese couples to know when seeking a surrogate in Los Angeles:

  • It is important to engage an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law both in California and China.  For many Chinese couples, the American birth certificate for their baby is an added benefit to using a surrogate in California.  However, the laws are complex and it is important to fully understand the benefits and drawbacks.
  • If you are seeking a Chinese egg donor, it is critical to work closely with an agency who can help locate and screen potential donors.  
  • Before entering into a surrogacy contract, Intended Parents should sit down with their attorney or agency representative to review the total costs involved with surrogacy, ensure there is adequate health insurance available for the surrogate and the baby, and fully understand the scope of the relationship with the surrogate.
  • If you are entering into a private surrogacy arrangement, without the use of an agency, it is critical to engage an attorney, a mental health professional and a medical specialist.

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