Co-Parenting in the New York Times

Dawn Pieke and Fabian Blue both wanted to be parents.  In 2011, neither of them knew that the other existed.  Dawn lived in Omaha, Nebraska and Fabian lived in Melbourne, Australia.  They first met through a Facebook page for the site  They talked through Facebook and Skype and forged a connection.  Eventually, Fabian decided to move from Melbourne to Omaha so that he and Dawn could have a child together.  The catch?  They were not looking for a romantic relationship with one another, but looking for someone to share a child with.

Dawn and Fabian are among many couples who are using the internet as a way of finding people who, like them, want to be parents but are not looking for a romantic relationship.  The New York Times reported last week that more and more people are looking to the internet to find someone with whom to share a child.  Sites such as,,, and are becoming more popular as people seek a person who is looking for the opportunity to have a child without starting a romantic relationship. 

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